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Visitor or Temporary Use Vehicle Pass

Temporary Use Vehicle Pass Application

Per Gordon College policy, vehicles parked on campus overnight and/or for 24 hours or longer must be registered with the college. For vehicles that will only be used temporarily (3 weeks or less), drivers may use this form to request a TEMPORARY PASS.

NOTE: Temporary passes should not be used to delay registering a car that will eventually be registered. If your car will be here longer than 3 weeks, please promptly register it using our online form: Online Vehicle Registration Form.

If you are a visitor (not a current student), there is NO FEE. Please select "VISITOR PASS (3 Day)" below. For current students, passes are available in the following increments (and the following fees will apply):

1. 24-Hour Pass: $3.00
2. 3-Day Pass: $6.00
3. 1-Week Pass: $14.00
4. 2-Week Pass: $27.00
5. 3-Week Pass: $40.00

The appropriate charge will be billed to your student account and is payable through Student Financial Services (as with any college fee or charge).

If you have already registered a car on campus this school year, and you only need a pass for a temporary replacement vehicle (e.g. while you're registered car is being repaired), the pass fee will be waived. If you are a faculty or staff member, there is no charge.

Please carefully complete the following form (required fields are marked with an asterisk*):


Current Undergraduate Student
Current Graduate Student
Current Employee
Campus Guest/Visitor

2. PASS REQUESTED*: Please indicate the pass length requested.

3. GORDON ID NUMBER: For current students and employees only.

4. CLASS or EMPLOYMENT STATUS: If you are student, please indicate your current class year; this must be your current class year as indicated by the Registrar (based on credit hours). If you are a faculty or staff member, choose "Faculty/Staff Member."

5. FIRST NAME*: Your first name.

6. LAST NAME*: Your last name.

7. VEHICLE PLATE NUMBER*: Letters and numbers only; no spaces, dashes or other characters.

8. Vehicle Plate STATE*: 2-digit abbreviation of the state that issued your license plate.


10. VEHICLE MODEL*: (e.g. Corolla, Fiesta, Sentra, etc.)


12. VEHICLE YEAR: (e.g. 2020, 2019, etc.)

13. CELL PHONE NUMBER*: (A valid cell phone number is required.)

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