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Absentee Parking Pass Form

Absentee Parking Pass Application

If you will be away from campus for more than 2 weeks and will be leaving a car on campus, you must complete this form AND your car must be parked in the WOODLAND PARKING LOT while you are away. This pass is especially important when a student is leaving a car on campus while away for the summer.

NOTE: If you'll be away for less than 2 weeks, you are still required to park in Woodland, but no application is necessary as long as your vehicle is registered with the college (or, if it's summertime, it was registered during the previous school year).

Please carefully complete the following form (all fields are required), and contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions:

1. FIRST NAME: Your first name.

2. LAST NAME: Your last name.


4. GORDON EMAIL ADDRESS Your college-issued email address (ending in @gordon.edu):

5. VEHICLE PLATE NUMBER: Letters and numbers only; no spaces, dashes or other characters.

6. Vehicle Plate STATE: 2-digit abbreviation of the state that issued your license plate.


8. VEHICLE MODEL: (e.g. Corolla, Fiesta, Sentra, etc.)


10. VEHICLE YEAR: (e.g. 2020, 2019, etc.)

11. CELL PHONE NUMBER: (A valid cell phone number is required.)

12. DEPARTURE DATE Please be sure to use MM/DD/YYYY format:

13. RETURN DATE Please be sure to use MM/DD/YYYY format:

14. REASON you are leaving car on campus:

15. DISCLAIMER: By entering my initials here, I state that I understand that Gordon College assumes no responsibility for theft, loss, or damage of my vehicle and its contents. I further understand that the vehicle will be parked in a remote area of the campus and that lights may be dimmed or extinguished during periods of low activity.

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