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You Belong Here. Belonging isn’t so much about where we are as it is about whom we’re with. Almost everyone will tell you that they came to Gordon because of the people. They’re the type who will bring you a meal when you’re feeling homesick, help you study for a test you don’t feel ready for, call out the strengths they see in you, and give you a new perspective on something you thought you knew so well. 

The mentorships and friendships you’re a part of at Gordon will grow your faith and help you through the highs and lows of the next four years (and likely for the rest of your life because many of these relationships end up being lifelong). Of course, Gordon isn’t the only Christian college out there with a tight-knit community, but here are some things that make it special for these Gordon students.

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“It's true that the relationship-oriented community at Gordon is very different. It's very special compared to your typical secular state college. The people you surround yourself with obviously are going to [influence] the person you become. I've been able to find friends that really care about me. When someone asks “What’s up?” it’s not just to be nice, it’s because they care about you. They want to see you grow.
David Bello ’21 from Hyde Park, MA

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Transitioning into college can be overwhelming but we are here to help you in every step of the process! Our First-Year Experience team is here to assist you as you join the Gordon family. Your First-Year Experience starts from the moment you deposit and through the Summer. Then we welcome you to campus and you begin your first Gordon experiences in our amazing community. And then through your first year, you explore and discover how to shape your own Gordon journey onward with your hopes and goals. A full Gordon Experience starts with a great First-Year Experience.

There’s a lot to absorb—academics, spiritual life, student life, residence living. We’re here to help equip you for success through experiences throughout your first year at Gordon. From Summer Advising, to Welcome Week, to first semester programs and activities, through first-year Common Core courses—we weave it all together into a comprehensive package of challenge, encouragement, learning and practice to help you get a foothold for your continuing Gordon journey!

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Liz Barnes

My orientation experience was filled with bonding, new experiences, unexpected friendships and fun. It was absolutely amazing; the week was planned so specifically to cater to the student’s needs and understanding the college experience. It was amazing to meet so many different people that I thought I wouldn’t have anything in common with, but in reality, they became my closest friends.
Liz Barnes ’23
Christian Ministries Major


From your first experience as a Gordon student and beyond, you’ll get to experience Gordon’s premier outdoor education center, La Vida. As a first-year student, you’ll participate in either a 12-day Backpacking experience in the Adirondacks or Discovery, a half-semester course at Gordon’s own high-and-low ropes course. Through these experiences, you’ll learn about discipleship, leadership, community and holding fast to God in all circumstances. After your first-year, you can be a part of the La Vida experience by using Gordon’s indoor rock gym, being a part of the Outdoor Club, or being a summer camp counselor at Adventure Camp.