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Bicycle Registration Form

Bicycle Registration Form

Gordon College requires that all bikes stored on campus by students or employees be registered with the college and display a Gordon College bike permit, which is provided free of charge all current community members.

You may request a bike permit using the form below. As soon as possible after we receive your online form, we will issue a bike sticker and deliver it to you via intercampus mail. Upon receiving it, you should apply it your bike in a visible location (usually on the frame tube between the seat post and the pedals).

Per college policy, bikes that are stored on campus without a bike sticker are subject to confiscation (including a confiscation fee).

If you have any questions or issues, please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected] Thank you!

1. First Name

2. Last Name

3. Gordon ID Number

4. Bike Make/Manufacturer (e.g. Huffy, Schwinn, Trek, etc)

5. Bike Model or Type (e.g. Sienna, Scout, 800, ATB, Mountain Bike, Road Bike, etc)

6. Bike Color

7. Bike Serial Number (Note: this is usually stamped into the bike frame underneath the pedals, and can typically be seen after turning the bike upside down; if you are unable to locate a serial number anywhere, please contact us by email for assistance).

8. Electronic Signature/Affirmation (by entering your initials here, you are affirming that you are aware that bicycles stored on campus must bear a Gordon bike sticker and must be stored on or near a bike rack or in an approved bike storage room, and never blocking a road, pathway, building entryway or inside a residence room or hallway or public area; and, that you are aware that improperly stored or unregistered bikes may be confiscated and the owner assessed a confiscation fee).

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