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At Gordon Christian community builds character

Join fellow Christians from diverse backgrounds who all want to strengthen their faith, learn from one another and prepare to be difference-makers for Christ in the world. Just imagine what you can learn when you’re surrounded by a wide variety of Christians in worship, prayer, discipleship and service. 

How faith fits at Gordon

Faith in Christ is central to the Gordon mission and experience. It’s what unites us as Christians when so many other forces—political, cultural, generational—threaten to divide us. But it doesn’t mean we’re all the same. In fact, we welcome students from 49 different Christian backgrounds, believing that when we unite around our Christian commitment, these differences are opportunities rather than obstacles.

When you’re open to learning with—and from—a variety of people, you will find your Christian faith being stretched and enriched in new ways.

Wherever you are on your faith journey, we invite you to come with an open heart and open hands, ready to share with and learn from others, and excited to grow in shared life together. In the end, our goal is that every student who comes to Gordon would grow deeper in their Christian faith.

How to engage in faith formation

Lean In

The depth of your growth depends on your willingness to lean in. Immerse yourself with abandon in the faith community that surrounds you. Join Bible study and prayer groups on campus or mission trips and outreach off campus. Engage in classroom conversations around how faith informs the topics of our day. Build real and lifelong friendships with others at the desk, pew or bleacher next to you.

  • Discipleship | Small groups, ministry groups and worship teams
  • Missions | Local and global ministry opportunities
  • Resources | Serving faith leaders in New England

Love Your Neighbor 

Use your time at Gordon to grow in love and compassion for those around you. This can happen in big ways, like joining a community outreach group in Lynn or Boston, or challenging yourself to lead a small group. But it can also happen in the hundreds of daily interactions you’ll have with peers, which become micro opportunities to love well, care for and encourage one another. 

  • Service Learning | Experiential opportunities that blend academics and service 
  • Shalom | Gordon’s commitment to the flourishing of our community 

Cultivate Your Calling 

After Gordon you’ll spend around half your waking hours in your career work. Discerning your calling and how faith integrates with that key aspect of your life is critical to having a whole faith for your whole life. Gordon faculty are both committed Christians and exceptional scholars who will help you prepare for your career and live your faith in it.

Expand Your Worship 

Studying, worshiping, serving and praying alongside students from a rich range of Christian faith backgrounds will expand how your faith is experienced and expressed. Regular Chapel services and student-led events like Catacombs worship encourage the campus community to engage in faith journeys together.

  • Chapel | Weekly speakers and worship  
  • Special Events | Day of Prayer, Spiritual Emphasis Week, Missions Week
  • Gospel Choir | Weekly worship and annual Gospel Experience concert 
  • Worship Teams | Dance ministry, Chapel band and Catacombs worship