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Outdoor Fire Application

Outdoor Fire Permit Application

Application for an outdoor fire permit at fire-pit located at Gull Pond (Gordon College Property).

All applications are made using this form. Applications are sent to Gordon Police.

You must read and understand the Outdoor Fire Policy.

Applications must be made at least one (1) business day in advance of the event.

Applications must include all of the information requested below.
Incomplete or late applications may cause a request to be denied.

PLEASE NOTE: the only pre-approved fire location is the fire pit at Gull Pond Beach .

1. What is the fire's purpose (please include name of group, club, team etc for which fire will be used)?

2. What date do you plan to hold the fire? (NOTE: Please use MM/DD/YYYY format; for example, "09/15/2023")

3. What time will the fire be started?

4. What time will the fire be extinguished?

5. The only pre-approved fire location is the firepit located at Gull Pond. Do you plan to use this location, as required? Please indicate so by choosing YES below.


6. How may people are expected to attend?

7. Who is the person responsible for the fire?

8. How can the responsible person be contacted (phone number, e-mail address, etc.)?

9. Any other comments or information you wish to include?

10. Email Address of person requesting the permit (Your e-mail address): (an improper email address will result in denial of this application):

11. Phone Number of person requesting the permit (Your phone number): (an improper phone number will result in denial of this application)

12. By submitting this application I attest that I have read and understand the Gordon College Outdoor Fire Policy, and that my group will adhere to the requirements and responsibilities listed therein. Failure to abide by the Outdoor Fire Policy may result in denial of future permits, as well as possible fines and/or disciplinary action.


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