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Citation Petition Form

Citation Petition Form

This form may be used to appeal a parking or traffic citation issued by the Gordon Police. Please note the following requirements:

1. Appeals should be submitted within TEN (10) DAYS of the date the citation was issued. After 10 days, appeals will typically be denied unless the delay was the result of extenuating circumstances.

2. If your ticket included a REFERENCE NUMBER, please be sure to enter it accurately in the appropriate field below. If your ticket did not include reference number, please be sure to enter your PLATE NUMBER accurately in the appropriate field below.

3. Appeals should normally be submitted by the registered operator of the vehicle. If the vehicle is registered with the college and you are NOT the registered operator, please be sure to indicate that in the space provided below.

If you have any questions or issues, please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

1. Did the ticket you received include a REFERENCE NUMBER? (If so, enter in the next field.)


2. TICKET REFERENCE NUMBER (if provided): From the paper ticket (also in the verification email sent to your Gordon address).

3. PLATE: Please enter the license plate number of the vehicle ticketed (letters & numbers only; no spaces or special characters). Be sure to enter this accurately or your petition may not be processed correctly.

4. PLATE STATE: Please enter the STATE that issued the license plate.

5. If the vehicle is registered with Gordon College, are you the registered operator on file with the college?

The vehicle is NOT registered with the college.
YES -- I am the registered operator.
NO -- I am not the registered operator.

6. FULL NAME of Registered Operator: If the vehicle is registered and you are NOT the registered operator, please provide the full name of the registered operator (otherwise, leave this blank).

7. FIRST NAME: Your first name.

8. LAST NAME: Your last name.

9. TICKET DATE: Please enter the date (MM/DD/YYYY) that you were ticketed.

10. TICKET LOCATION Briefly describe the location where you were ticketed.

11. GORDON ID NUMBER (If you don't have a Gordon ID Number, please enter "n/a"):

12. GORDON USERNAME: If you are a current student or employee, please carefully enter your Gordon College username (FIRST.LAST) as it appears in your Gordon email address. Please do not include "@gordon.edu." [NOTE: If you don't have a Gordon Username, please enter "n/a".]

13. EMAIL ADDRESS: Please carefully enter your email address, so we can respond to your petition.

14. REASON for PETITION: Clearly and completely explain the reason(s) you believe issued ticket should be overturned.

15. ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE: By entering your INITIALS here, you are affirming that what you have written is accurate and true.

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