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Student Life FAQ

Can I request a roommate? 

Yes. Simply write their name in the requested roommate space on your Housing Questionnaire and have them do the same. Please note that in order for the Housing office to honor your preference, both roommates must request each other. 

Can I request a specific residence hall? 

You may request a specific hall, but it is not guaranteed you will receive your preference. Preferences are honored based on deposit date and available space. 

What should I bring to decorate my room? 

See a list of what to bring (and what not to bring)  ➔ 

Where can I find out my room's specifications like size and storage? 

Room specs are listed on each hall's page. Find information about your hall ➔

Can I live off-campus? 

Gordon College requires all full-time students to live on-campus. We do realize that living on campus is not possible for all students due to various life circumstances. To address these specific needs, students who are 23 or older, married, living with relatives, or part-time qualify to be commuters. These students must submit an application to the Director of Housing each year that they intend to live off-campus. No student should commit to a lease before being approved. Gordon College is not responsible for leases signed or money paid before being approved by the Director of Housing. Once approved to live off-campus, students may not participate in any other part of the housing process. 

For more information see Gordon Residence Life ➔

Is Orientation required? 
YES. Gordon is a residential college and it is important to us that you make the best start possible in your transition to Gordon's campus routines and culture whether you are a first-time first-year student or a transfer, a campus resident or a commuter, or an athlete, international student, or a student returning to college after a period of great life experiences. 

When does Orientation begin? 
Orientation normally begins mid-late August. For exact dates for the upcoming year, please visit the Orientation website ➔

Learn more about Fall International Student Orientation ➔

When do I move in? 
Check the Orientation schedule for exact times. We stage arrivals in two time-windows. Students arriving from outside New England arrive first (10–11:15 a.m.) and students arriving from within New England states arrive second (11:15 a.m.–12:30 p.m.). Fall Semester in-season athletes or Spring semester in-season athletes who are required to be here for practices, International Students, and those students returning from August La Vida will be permitted to move in earlier than move-in day. Any early move-in requests for other reasons or exceptions must be approved well in advance by the Director of Orientation and the Director of Housing. Email [email protected]  

For more information see Gordon First-Year Experience ➔

Basic Meal Block Plan
Students residing in our traditional residence halls are required to participate in at least the basic meal block plan, which costs $2,105 per semester. There are two versions with the same cost: 

  • 190 all-you-care-to-eat meals (swipes) plus 8 guest swipes and 300 dining points 
  • 240 all-you-care-to-eat meals (swipes) plus 8 guest swipes and 100 dining points 

Premium Meal Block Plan 
The premium plan, which costs $2,540 per semester, includes unlimited all-you-care-to-eat meals (swipes) plus 8 guest swipes and 300 dining points. 

For more information see Gordon Dining Services ➔

Can I find a job on campus?  
Absolutely! Gordon has an online job board that houses over 1,500 non-professional job postings each year. On- and off-campus employers, including nonprofit organizations, for-profit companies, and private citizens, can post a variety of part-time positions to be filled by students. Up to 700 students work on-campus each year in over 1,000 positions, earning an average of roughly $2000 a year.  A student is not required to be eligible for Federal Work-Study in order to apply for on-campus employment. See what jobs are currently available on the job board ➔

For more information see Gordon Student Employment ➔

Where can I go to church in the area? 
There are many churches of all denominations in the area, many of which provide van services for students on Sunday mornings. Students are encouraged to become involved in a local church community. There will also be a Church Connections event on the Thursday following Fall Orientation Welcome Week where representatives from over 40 local churches will be available on campus to meet students and share information about their worship and ministry opportunities. Church Connections and how the college encourages individual spiritual formation, worship and ministry are discussed during Student Life day during January Orientation in a required session. See a list of area churches ➔

Can freshmen have cars on campus? 
All students are permitted to have cars on campus. All vehicles must be registered with Gordon Police within two weeks of the beginning of the semester. You will have an opportunity to register your vehicle during the Campus Connections time in the Ken Olsen Science Center on the Saturday of Fall Orientation, or during Campus Connections time during January Orientation. 

How do I get around if I don't bring a car to campus? 
Though many students choose to have a car on-campus there are at least as many who do not have cars. Friends and floormates are often willing to help their peers run errands to local malls and convenience stores—just ask! Many churches arrange for transportation to and from their services.  

For more information see Gordon First-Year Experience ➔

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