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NOTICE: The Student Employment Office provides a listing service only and does not provide screenings or perform background checks for employees or employers. We advise practicing extreme caution when pursuing employment. Students are encouraged to request references and to individually assess the quality and integrity of each job opportunity/employer. Students should never distribute confidential and sensitive information to an unknown person or remote employer. Such information includes but is not limited to your social security number, bank account information, credit card information, authorization for funds transfer, tax returns or any other documentation that could be compromised. Students should never deposit a check an unknown person has sent to them and then wire or transfer money back. Students should never pay up front for a promise of a job or anything else such as debt relief, credit and loan offers, etc.

All hiring and compensation for work is handled directly between the student and the employer.

If you have any questions about an employment process, please contact Student Employment at student-employment@gordon.edu or 978.867.4280. The Student Employment Office reserves the right to refuse to post any job which appears to be inappropriate in nature or to discriminate against applicants based on race, religion, color, national origin, age, gender or disability. Please immediately report any negative experience you have with an employer to the Student Employment Office at the email address and phone number listed above so that we can work with you to rectify the situation.