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Registration Forms

During this time of “social distancing”, please note the following:

  1. The forms below should be saved, filled out, and emailed (unless otherwise noted).
  2. If the form is a PDF:
    1. Download the form. DO NOT fill it out in your web browser.
    2. Open the form in the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.
    3. Complete the form and click Save.
    4. Close Acrobat Reader and re-open your file to make sure that everything saved properly.
  3. If the form is a Word document:
    1. Open the form in Microsoft Word  (desktop or online)
    2. Complete the form in a readable way and click Save.
  4. Email completed form to the appropriate offices and individuals.
  5. Emails must be from the relevant Gordon email account.
  6. In order to keep all information relating to a request together, each email should contain the student’s legal name and a brief description of the form:
    1. Adoniram Judson Gordon, change major
    2. Scot T. Mascot, Alternate Core Petition Fine Arts

Please direct questions regarding alternate core petitions to the . All other questions may be directed to the .

Below are the most common student forms. Students may download forms to print out and submit to the Gordon College Registrar's Office, Wenham, MA, with signatures as necessary.

Some forms are in PDF format. If your computer is unable to display the PDF files, you can view them using the free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Please use Adobe Acrobat Reader to complete the fillable forms, otherwise your form may not be able to be saved.

Academic Petition: Apply for an exception to College academic policy. Exceptions to academic department policy are considered through the appropriate department chair.

Add a Course: Permission to add a course during the five-day registration period if prerequisites are not met or if the course is full.

Add a Course after 5th day: Permission to add a course after the five-day registration period.

Alternate Core Petition- Substitution: Petition to apply a non-core course to the core. Students seeking a language substitution due to a learning disability should contact the Academic Services Center.

Alternate Core Petition - Waiver: Petition to waive a core requirement.

Audit (Enrolled Students): Application to audit a course for enrolled students.

Audit (Not Enrolled): Application to audit a course for non-enrolled students, including alumni and faculty/staff.

Change Catalog Year: Change the default catalog year for completion of requirements.

Commencement Participation Petition: Petition to participate in commencement with credit outstanding.

Course Withdrawal: Withdraw from a course after the 5-day add/drop period and before the deadline to withdraw. 

Course Withdraw After The Deadline: Petition to withdraw from a course after the 4th week of a quad class or the 9th week of a semester class.

Gordon Plus Registration: Form for eligible juniors and seniors to register for courses in the graduate education and finance programs.

Graduation application: The graduation application may be found on my.gordon.edu, under the "Academics" tab.

Guided Study: Registration form for a guided study—a course that Gordon offers but cannot be taken when it is offered.

Independent Study: Registration form for an independent study. These are courses in topics not available in the existing curriculum.

Internship for credit: Registration form for credit-bearing or required internships. 0-credit internships are done through the Career and Connection Institute.

JAF Credit Distribution Form: For students in the Jerusalem and Athens Forum program who wish to apply their JAF credits to their core, major, or minor requirements.

Major Declaration Form: Declare additional major, change or drop a major, declare or change a concentration.

Minor Declaration Form: Declare or drop a minor.

Off-Campus Course Approval: Application to transfer credit back to Gordon from another institution, not through the NECCUM program. Click for NECCUM registration form. 

Research: Research registration form.

S/U Grading: Request to apply Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading to a free elective course.