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Non-Current Student Information


Non-Current students are held responsible for all charges they incurred while attending Gordon College. Students are regularly notified of this policy through the Billing Contract that they are required to sign each year they attend. The contract also informs them of the consequences for a delinquent account. 

  • A student account is considered delinquent if there is a balance due at the date of separation.
    (The separation date is defined as the day on which the student officially ceases to be enrolled at Gordon College due to deferment, withdrawal, graduation, probation, or any other reason approved by the college.) 
  • After separation, the student will receive monthly points of contact from Gordon College over a period of 3 months. Each contact will include a statement with the amount due and a letter informing the student of the option to set up a repayment plan with the college. The letter will also explain the consequences that will be enforced if he/she fails to contact Gordon College regarding the outstanding balance within the specified timeframe.
  • If, after 3 contacts have been sent to the student, the student does not contact the College or does not agree to make monthly payments, Gordon College will submit the student’s account to a collection agency. 
  • Any student who agrees to a repayment plan but fails to make monthly payments per the terms and conditions of their plan will also be submitted to a collection agency.
  • If an account is sent to a collection agency, the student will be responsible for paying all collection fees, including attorney fees and other charges necessary for the collection of any amount not paid when due. Additionally, all delinquent accounts will be reported as such to the national credit bureaus by the collection agency that holds the account. 
  • Once an account has been sent to a collection agency we will write-off the balance from our account receivables.


1Pay in Full

  • Pay Online through CASHNet
  • Use the Cashier's Window in MacDonald Hall, Room 205
  • Mail a Check:

Gordon College
Student Financial Services
255 Grapevine Road
Wenham, MA 01984

*Please make the check payable to Gordon College and include the student name or ID number

2Enroll in a Monthly Payment Plan

How to Enroll in the AutoPay Payment Plan

3Apply for a Sallie Mae Smart Option Student Loan

This loan is available to cover balances for enrollment periods within the past 365 days. For more details, visit www.salliemae.com/smartoptions or contact SallieMae at 1-855-429-9759