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Non-Current Student AutoPay Payment Plan

Step 1: Login to My.Gordon.edu and Click "CASHNet" on the Left

If you are having trouble logging in, click on the link below for password assistance. If you have never had a My.Gordon.edu account set-up, please contact your SFS Non-Current Student Counselor at 978-867-4246 or .


Step 2: In CASHNet, Click "Enroll in the Non-Current Student AutoPay Plan"

Clicking on the CASHNet link in My.Gordon.edu will bring you to your CASHNet homepage. From there, click on "Enroll in the Non-Current Student AutoPay Plan" and follow the instructions.

All questions can be directed to the Student Financial Services Office by emailing sfs@gordon.edu or by calling 978-867-4246.

OPTIONAL: Forward Your Gordon Email to Another Account

If you wish to redirect all incoming email from your Gordon account to another account, you can set up a mail rule. Log into mail.gordon.edu, click on the gear icon (top right) and toward the bottom, click on "Your app settings" - "Mail". Then, choose "Inbox and sweep rules" from the list on the left side. Click the "+" icon, or "New" button and input the following settings:

  • Name: Choose what to call the "inbox rule" that you are setting up (ex: Forward to Personal Email)
  • When the message arrives, and it matches all of these conditions: select "[Apply to all messages]" from the drop-down menu
  • Do the following: select "Forward, redirect, or send" and then "redirect the message to..."
  • Redirect the message to: input your personal email address by typing on the same line as this text