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Music Admissions

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Announcing new and increased music scholarships!*

Music majors: Now up to $28,000/year
Music minors: Now $4,000-$6,000/year
Other majors: New! $1,000-$3,000/year for ensemble participation
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We are still accepting applications for Fall 2020! Prospective students can submit video auditions for music majors or minors, as well as ensemble participation scholarships for non-music majors or minors.

Before applying for any music audition, you must first apply to Gordon College. Gordon College admissions application ➔

Once you have been accepted to Gordon, choose from the options below to complete your application. Competitive scholarships are available for music majors and minors and for ensemble participation as non-music majors or minors.


Musician playing

Apply to be a Music major or minor and schedule your audition
See full list of academic programs below

December 6, 2019 •  January 24, 2020  •  February 16, 2020 •  February 21, 2020  •  March 22, 2020 • April 20, 2020 • May 11, 2020
We are still accepting video auditions!



Apply for an Ensemble Scholarship and schedule your audition
Non-music majors and minors only

November 2, 2019  •  December 7, 2019 •  February 17, 2020
We are still accepting video auditions! 


Audition for any of the following Music Programs:

Ensembles at Gordon College include:

  • College Choir
  • Jazz Ensemble
  • Men's Choir
  • Women's Choir
  • Symphonic Band
  • Symphony Orchestra

This audition is not for a specific ensemble, but only to be considered for an ensemble participation scholarship. Auditions for ensemble placements are held during fall Orientation.

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