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Juvenile Justice Ministries Certificate

Do you have a heart for at-risk young people? Studying juvenile justice ministries will equip you to bring about positive transformation in the lives of emerging adults in at-risk situations. You will learn about the different stages at which intervention can take place, through courses at the Institute of Juvenile Justice Ministries and will have the opportunity to apply what you learn in your course work through internship opportunities with Straight Ahead Ministries, which provides services for juvenile offenders and at-risk youth.

Pursue a certificate in juvenile justice ministry as an additional credential alongside Christian ministries or any other major. 

What careers can I pursue in juvenile justice ministries?

The juvenile justice ministries program will prepare you for a wide range of vocations, including:

  • Prison ministry
  • Re-entry support and aftercare
  • Group home administration
  • Gang reconciliation
  • Residential treatment counseling

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Rachele Gardner

Rachele Gardner ’09

Director, Youth Hub

"As I have worked with struggling and hurting youth, alongside community organizations seeking positive change, God has been painting a vision in my mind of furthering God’s peace and purposes in Dorchester. Even after going through graduate school, I cannot speak more highly of my education at Gordon and the ways that it formed my identity and vocation." Hear from others ➔


Don’t wait until your practicum to begin serving in a local ministry—your classes and assignments will become more relevant and meaningful if you are involved in ministry while learning about its theoretical, philosophical, biblical and theological foundations. Nearly every Christian ministries student is involved in ministry from the time they arrive at Gordon. Join one of Gordon’s many community outreach teams, which include the Kids Club (an after-school tutoring program in downtown Lynn) and the Homeless Ministry (a group that serves the homeless community in nearby Revere every Saturday). 

Global Opportunities

Enlarge your vision of the world that you are preparing to serve, and deepen your understanding of the global church, by studying abroad or participating in a mission trip or international internship:


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