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Financial Aid for International Students

Merit-based Scholarships

Gordon awards merit-based scholarships based on academic achievement and excellence. These can be renewed annually, as long as you consistently meet grade point average (GPA) requirements.

R. Judson Carlberg Global Scholarship I
$14,000 per year | $56,000 over four years

R. Judson Carlberg Global Scholarship II
$12,000 per year | $48,000 over four years

David Franz Global Scholarship
$10,000 per year | $40,000 over four years

We require international applicants to demonstrate English proficiency with one of the following tests: TOEFL, IELTS or Duolingo (available online). Students from English speaking countries or who have been studying in the United States may be eligible to waive the English proficiency test requirement. Check with your admissions counselor for more details.  

Premier Scholarships

Global Honors Scholarship
$19,000 per year | $76,000 over four years
(Replaces all other Gordon aid.)

Gordon's flagship four-year scholarship program seeks to enrich student’s faith, promote intellectual maturity and strengthen leadership capabilities. The Global Honors Scholarship is awarded to 12 first-year applicants each year.

Program Highlights:

  • A four-year experience preparing students to provide Christ-honoring leadership in a multicultural world.
  • Tightly knit cohort that will learn and travel through honors seminars, retreats, international travel, cultural and multicultural experiences and faculty mentoring.
  • International experience including an international trip following freshman year.
  • Summer internship overseas for four to six weeks between sophomore and junior year.
  • Unique opportunities to explore the best fine arts that Boston has to offer like the Boston Ballet's The Nutcracker.
  • Participation in honors seminars during freshman and sophomore year, honors discussion groups led by the professor for both Old Testament and New Testament, opportunity to study abroad and senior thesis or project.

Apply to Gordon by November 15
R. Judson Carlberg Global Scholarship I recipients only
Eligible candidates will be invited to apply to the program and participate in a virtual Honors Day or watch a recording of the event. 

Learn more about the Global Honors Scholars program ➔

A. J. Gordon Scholarship

The A. J. Gordon Scholarship for a R. Judson Carlberg Global I Recipient 
$18,000 per year*
| $72,000 over four years

The A. J. Gordon Scholarship for a R. Judson Carlberg II Recipient
$18,000 per year
* | $72,000 over four years

*Replaces all other Gordon aid.

This longstanding four-year scholars program named for our founder tailors individual academic and personal development for emerging scholars and leaders, reflecting the foundations in earnest learning and faith demonstrated by Dr. A. J. Gordon himself. The A. J. Gordon Scholarship is awarded to 20 first-year applicants each year. 

Program Highlights:

  • Preparing students to engage our complex world with their own unique strengths and curiosity with a cohort over four years.
  • This personalized program is designed to foster imagination, creativity, personal and community engagement and the influence of faithful citizenship in the places each scholar is called.
  • Intentional mentoring by program staff and seasoned A. J. Gordon Scholars to discuss professional development.
  • Learn together in a special Scholars Workshop and honors section of the core class, The Great Conversations.
  • Weekend retreats to explore leadership, spiritual disciplines, and calling.
  • Scholars build community partnerships and influence the community experience of their fellow citizens through a large project.
  • A personal learning plan through all four years culminating in a Capstone, Honors Thesis, or internship.

Apply to Gordon by November 15
R. Judson Carlberg Global Scholarship I and II recipients only
Eligible candidates will be invited to apply to the program and participate in a virtual Honors Day or watch a recording of the event. 

Learn more about the A. J. Gordon Scholars program ➔

Special Scholarships

These scholarships are based on unique circumstances.

Music Scholarships (Stackable)

Music Leadership Award
$18,000 per year ($72,000 over four years)

The Department of Music is pleased to award this signature scholarship to music majors who demonstrate exceptional musical abilities, and who exhibit the potential for musical leadership and service in their field.

Music Majors
$3,000–$4,000 per year

Scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate outstanding abilities in performance and/or who show significant potential as future music educators.

Music Minors
$2,000 per year

Scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate well-rounded musical abilities and a willingness to engage and contribute to the Department of Music.

Ensemble Participation Scholarship
$1,000 per year

Scholarship is awarded to students who are not music majors or minors. These are awarded to eligible students who demonstrate a high-level of musical proficiency, and a desire to participate in Department of Music ensembles during their time as a Gordon College student.

All music scholarships are awarded to students based on their auditions. Schedule an audition online, view the Music Scholarships resources, or call 978.867.4369 for more information.

International Student Ministry Grant

$1,000 per year | $4,000 over four years

In addition to merit-based scholarships, certain international applicants are eligible to receive a grant of $1,000 based on financial need and/or a parent who is in full-time ministry or missions work. To apply for this grant, please complete the International Student Finance Form on the accepted student portal.     

Because "full" scholarships are not available, F-1 Visa students should plan to have documented funding from multiple sources (e.g., from Gordon College and from family members or other sponsors).  

Church Student Assistance Program

$250 to $1,000 matched per year

The Church Student Assistance Program is an opportunity for a church to assist its Gordon students with college costs by giving a minimum of $250 on an annual basis. Gordon will match up to $1,000 of their gift.

Learn more about the Church Student Assistance Program ➔

Fine Arts and Theatre Scholarships

Awarded to students enrolling as theatre or fine arts majors who have either reviewed their art portfolio or auditioned within the Theatre Department. These awards recognize excellence and the potential to contribute to the arts at Gordon.

Learn more about art scholarships ➔ 

Grapevine Scholarship

$1,000 per year | $4,000 over four years
This scholarship is awarded to high school graduates from our Gordon Grapevine Consortium.

To learn more about joining the Gordon Grapevine Consortium, contact Sharon Carlson, Director of Recruitment, at .

Young Life Scholarship

$500 per year | $2,000 over four years
Awarded to students who are active members of Young Life. Applicants may be asked to complete additional essay questions and provide recommendations from Young Life leaders.

Apply for Young Life scholarship ➔

On-Campus Employment

The Student Employment Office provides students with part-time, temporary and seasonal employment opportunities while enrolled at Gordon College. Visit the following site for more information: 

Student Employment at Gordon College

F-1 Visa international students can work up to 20 hours a week during the fall and spring semesters, when school is in session. They can also work up to 40 hours a week during the winter, spring, and summer breaks, when school is not in session. International Student Services helps students obtain a U.S. Social Security Number, after they arrive on campus and secure an on-campus job. 

Students in other visa types or statuses are permitted to work up to 40 hours a week at all times, if they hold a valid EAD (Employment Authorization Document) card. Having an EAD card also allows a student to accept off-campus employment for an unlimited number of hours a week.  

Loan With a Co-signer

For international students who are not eligible for federal loans, private or alternative educational loans may be available. Private educational loan programs vary by lender. Please contact specific lenders to find out about terms and conditions that may apply:

Alternative Loan Information (ELM Select Portal)

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