Certificate in the Science of Reading

Build confidence in supporting all developing readers. Earn a Graduate Certificate in the Science of Reading where the courses are all online. You can sign up for sessions that start in the Fall, Winter, or Summer.


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EDU633 Principles of Structured Literacy (3 credits)

Based on the elements of structured literacy, including phonology, sound-symbol association, syllables, morphology, syntax and semantics. Examination of research-based reading instruction, intervention and assessment.

EDU639 Assessment & Diagnosis of Reading/ Language Difficulties (3 credits)

Provides advanced-level examination of reading assessment instruments. Examines appropriate application, data interpretation and instructional implication for diagnosing pupils with reading difficulties.

EDU640 Differentiation and Remediation of Reading/Language Difficulties (3 credits)

Focuses on strengthening the knowledge and skills required to instruct readers with diverse abilities, needs and backgrounds. Emphasizes the use of assessment and progress-monitoring tools to develop appropriate learning interventions and strategies.


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