Apply to Grad Ed

Apply for Aid

Gordon College simplifies entry to the Graduate Education program by allowing students to take up to three courses without being accepted into the program. This allows students to get started right away and to try out the field of education without a formal commitment. 

1 To get started, complete the Grad Ed New Student Form

2 View our latest course schedule and then register online

Ways to Apply

Students seeking financial aid are required to formally apply to our program before starting coursework. Gordon College offers federal and private loans for our graduate students.

1 To get started, complete the formal application listed below. 

2 There is a 5-step process for applying for financial aid. View step-by-step instructions ➔

3 When you receive acceptance into the program, please view our latest course schedule and then register online.

M.Ed. Application

The application form and references are fillable pdfs and can be downloaded, completed electronically, and printed/mailed or emailed.

You also have the option of printing these items, and filling them in by hand.

Ed.S. Application

Looking to take a course for professional development only?

Gordon students may take courses for professional development without submitting a formal application. Follow the same steps as above.

Ready to apply?

Congratulations! If you would like to pursue a master's degree, Ed.S. or licensure-only program at Gordon, download the application materials on the right. A list of requirements and more detailed instructions are included in each application.  For international students, please note there is a separate application with additional requirements.  Please send all completed materials together in one envelope to the Graduate Education Office. (If requesting e-script transcripts, please request them to .)

We recommend that you begin the application process by the time that you are in your second or third course. Once all of your application materials have been submitted, it will be reviewed by the Graduate Admissions Committee. Admissions are on a rolling basis. Typically it will take four weeks for students to receive a decision on the application.  If you are seeking financial aid or you are an international student, it is required that your application be accepted before coursework begins.


Contact us at  or 978.867.4322.