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Disability & Academic Accessibility Information

As part of Gordon's commitment to the holistic education and personal development of each student, the College provides a variety of support services to students with documented disabilities. It is the College's policy that no qualified person be excluded from participating in any College program or activity or otherwise be subjected to discrimination with regard to any College program or activity.
To that end, the Academic Success Center exists to provide services to students, working in conjunction with departments, offices, and faculty, assuring efficient and equitable delivery to all qualified students. The ASC provides updates on available support, heightens appreciation for various learning styles, and alerts instructors about specific student needs.

Assurance of equal educational opportunity rests upon legal foundations established by federal law. In accordance with the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 including Section 504 and the American with Disabilities Act of 1990 and its amendments, the College is committed to providing students with disabilities equivalent access to a Gordon education. By federal law, a person with a disability is any person who: 1) has a physical or mental impairment, 2) has a record of such an impairment, or 3) is regarded as having such an impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities. If you have any questions regarding physical accessibility, please contact the physical access coordinator, Terry Charek, in Student Life at 978.867.4072.

Documentation Guidelines

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Documentation Guidelines

Every student with a documented disability has the right to:

  • Equivalent access to courses, programs, services, jobs, activities, and college facilities available
  • Reasonable and appropriate accommodations, academic adjustments, and/or auxiliary aids determined on a case-by-case basis
  • Appropriate confidentiality of all information pertaining to his/her disability with the choice of whom to disclose his/her disability to except as required by law

Every student with a documented disability has the responsibility to:

  • Identify him or herself as an individual with a disability when seeking accommodation
  • Provide documentation from an appropriate professional that verifies the nature of the disability, functional limitations, and the need for specific accommodations
  • Follow procedures for obtaining accommodations, academic adjustments, and/or auxiliary aids

Obtaining Academic Accommodations

The Academic Success Center is the designated spot on campus for students who are requesting academic accommodations because of a documented disability. Students who intend to request accommodations must submit written, current documentation from a specialist. Ideally, the student should send his or her documentation to the Academic Success Center before arriving in their first semester. For information on what constitutes appropriate documentation, please refer to the links on this page.
The ASC will review the submitted documentation and meet with the student to discuss appropriate accommodations. Please note: An IEP or 504 plan alone is insufficient for documentation, but is helpful as part of the documentation submitted.
Accommodations may include recorded books, alternative format text, extended time for exams, a quiet testing area, taping of lectures, copies of notes, access to assistive technology, and special advising.
Assistive technologies available include licenses for Bookshare.org and Read&Write and LiveScribe smart pens which can be borrowed for short-term use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Incoming Students

Do I need to disclose my disability in my application? If I do, will it affect my admissions process?

No, you do not need to disclose in your application. If, for personal reasons, you choose to disclose in your application, it will not affect your admission to Gordon.

If I decide to submit documentation before/when I arrive on campus, where do I send it?

After you have been accepted and/or deposited at Gordon College, you can send your documentation to the Academic Success Center at or mail it to the Academic Success Center, Gordon College, 255 Grapevine Road, Wenham, MA 01984.

What are the guidelines for documentation?

The guidelines for documentation can be found here→

What happens when I submit documentation?

After a student submits documentation, it is reviewed, and reasonable accommodations are determined.

Is it possible to meet with your office before applying to Gordon or during the admissions process?

At Gordon, we love to meet with students and hear their stories. We are happy to meet with you at any point in the admissions process. You are more than documentation to us. Because of this, meeting with you would be the best path toward determining reasonable academic accommodations based on your academic needs. If you deposit at Gordon, we recommend contacting us as early as possible so that we can discuss what your time at Gordon might look like including the adjustment from K-12 to post-secondary accommodations.


Is an IEP or 504 plan sufficient for documentation?

An IEP or 504 plan alone is insufficient for documentation but is helpful as part of the documentation submitted. However, an IEP/504 plan helps us get to know you better so you can send it along with your documentation!

How will my student be supported during their time at Gordon?

Students are assigned an academic counselor who meets with them on an as-needed basis and will help them access their academic accommodation during their time at Gordon. Some of our students prefer to meet on a weekly basis while others prefer biweekly or once-a-semester basis! We are here to support and assist students during their Gordon College experience!

Can I meet with the ASC counselor along with my student?

We welcome parents and students to meet with us during the admissions process. However, as students transition into their college experience, we encourage students to advocate for themselves. We understand this is a transition for both student and parent! We are here to help that transition.

When should we submit documentation?

As soon as you know that your student is going to attend Gordon, you can send the documentation to the Academic Success Center either through email at or by regular mail to: Academic Success Center, Gordon College, 255 Grapevine Road, Wenham MA, 01984.

What if my student requires disability-related housing accommodation?

Housing accommodation is arranged through the Office of Student Life. You can contact them at .

Current Students

What if I am undiagnosed but I think I may have a disability?

You are welcome to make an appointment with an ASC counselor to discuss your concerns and any next steps to take. Reach out to us through our intake form, email us at , or stop by, we’d love to meet you!

Can I meet with an Academic counselor even if I don’t have a disability?

Yes! We meet with many students who do not have documented disabilities. The ASC is here for all Gordon students! Email us at , or click here to make an appointment.

I received services in high school for a disability but never sent anything to Gordon. Now that I’m here I’m finding I need help. Can I still meet with someone and receive academic accommodations for my classes?

Sometimes, a student chooses not to disclose when they first come to Gordon but later decide that they want to disclose their disability. In this case, you can make an appointment with an ASC counselor who will discuss your situation and how to move forward as you seek academic accommodations. As a reminder, academic accommodations are not retroactive. So, we do encourage students to meet with us as soon as possible.

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