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Academic Advising

Please read below for important COVID-19 changes to advising.

Even though your spring semester has been radically changed, we’re still looking forward to the next steps in your academic life. Academic advising is happening remotely this semester, so be on the lookout for emails from your advisor to set up an online appointment. If you need additional advising, email and we’ll schedule a time to meet.

Sorting out your options for dealing with difficult grades.
It’s tough having your coursework so disrupted by the events of this spring, and for some students, it means that you aren’t able to do as well as you hoped. To address these challenges, the College introduced a one-time grading policy to provide students with the option of Credit/No Credit grading, but there are some other choices as well. Watch this video to review your choices for dealing with tough grades: Withdraw, S/U, Incomplete and CR/NC.

Update: Students who change their grade to CR will not be able to repeat the course at a later date for a higher grade, since there is no grade connected to the CR. Instead, if you are unsure whether you are adequately prepared for an upper-level course, you can choose to audit the CR course in a future semester. Students who switch from “F” to “NC” will be able to retake since you did not earn credit.

Registration looks a little different this spring.
We’ve made some updates to the registration system on my.gordon. Gordon’s new system allows you to build a calendar of courses ahead of time so that you can just click a "registration checkout" button when your registration time opens—like filling up a shopping cart before checking out. You can find instructions on how to register here.

Peer advising is still available for mapping out academic plans or sorting out your requirements. Email for an online meeting. Deciding and supplementary academic advising is also available. Email with your questions or to schedule an online appointment.


Academic advising is an important part of your learning experience at Gordon. Your faculty advisor and the Office of Academic Advising are here to collaborate with you in this process. Together, you will:

  • Clarify your academic interests and goals
  • Design your educational plan
  • Understand how major and core courses fit together for a solid liberal arts degree
  • Connect your academic program with your vocation and career



P 978 867 4563
E advising@gordon.edu
The Office of Academic Advising is located in Jenks 219