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Liberal Arts by Andrea da Firenze

Jerusalem and Athens Forum

Explore the relationship between faith and intellect in Gordon’s Great Books Program

The Jerusalem and Athens Forum assists students in cultivating a tradition-informed and morally reflective sense of personal vocation by reading and discussing classic texts, explicitly Christian ones but also others that raise questions of abiding significance for present-day Christian intellectual and moral life. This two-semester program is interdisciplinary in nature and welcomes students from all majors and backgrounds.

Program Spotlight

Your One-Year Experience

Fall Semester
"Tradition" – Classical antiquity through the Reformation era
Spring Semester
"Modernity" – Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment to the present
  • The purpose of liberal learning
  • The nature of virtue and vice; the problem of evil; friendship, love, and charity; monasticism and the contemplative life 
  • The role of Scripture and tradition in Christian thought; wisdom and the well-ordered life;
  • The relationship between faith and learning; Christianity and political authority; the significance of the Protestant Reformation, and more
  • What is modernity anyway?
  • How does it relate to plurality?
  • What does it mean to live out a faithful Christian vocation in...
    • A pluralistic democratic society?
    • A Western/American culture?
    • A free market economic system?
    • An era of rapid scientific and technological advancement?

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  • Year-long intentional learning cohort
  • Fall retreat
  • Cultural activities in Boston and New England
  • Interaction with visiting scholars and Gordon faculty
  • Gordon STILLPOINT essay contest
  • Spring debate


  • Anticipate at least sophomore status at the beginning of the program
  • Must have a 3.0 GPA or higher
  • Students considering post-baccalaureate education (whether seminary, graduate school, law, medicine, etc.) are especially encouraged to apply; however, all applicants are considered equally.



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