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Bachelor of Arts in Music

The Bachelor of Arts in Music degree is designed for the student who wishes to major in music as part of a broader liberal arts curriculum. It is a versatile degree which allows students some freedom to create their own balance between the music and liberal arts areas. With this degree students can double major or minor in many other fields available at Gordon.

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Students pursuing this degree are required to earn a total of 124 credits.

Bachelor of Arts in Music Course Requirements:
Students must complete the following courses:

  • The full Core Curriculum (The core Aesthetic Sensibilities and Practices requirement must be fulfilled by FNA112 Arts in Concert or another nonmusical Aesthetics core option.)
  • MUS211, 212 Music Theory I, II
  • MUL211, 212 Music Theory Lab I, II
  • MUS222 Music History and Literature II
  • MUS311 Music Theory III
  • MUL311 Music Theory Lab III
  • MUS315 20th-Century Techniques
  • MUS321, 322, 323 Music History and Literature III, IV, V
  • MUS482 Special Studies in Music
  • Applied music (12 credits on one instrument, plus piano proficiency)
  • Music electives (6 credits)

Meet music ensemble requirement (8 semesters for credit)
Music electives (6 credits)
Additional liberal arts courses (24 credits outside of music)

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