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International Affairs

The International Affairs program focuses on economic and political affairs, combined with extensive language preparation, international field experience, and a seriously interdisciplinary senior seminar in international political economy.

Our International Affairs major is administered collaboratively between the Economics & Business and Political Science departments. The program aims to prepare students for a variety of international career and graduate study options. The program emphasizes:

  • Powers of analysis, writing and speaking
  • Christian stewardship
  • A high level of language preparation
  • International justice
  • Theoretical training in international political economy

Like the other majors offered by its sponsoring departments, international affairs has a strong liberal arts character, sharpening students' powers of analysis, writing and speaking. The program provides students with the tools to engage questions of international policy and development, as well as questions of global justice and Christian stewardship.

Some distinctives of the International Affairs Major:

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International Field Experience
A key component of the International Affairs major is time to study abroad. Students study in places as varied as Uganda, Egypt, and China, and spend time exploring questions of development, regional and international relations and cultural understanding on the ground.

Committed Faculty, Small Classes
With class sizes on average under 25 students, there is plenty of opportunity to work closely with faculty members. Students are encouraged to pursue particular research questions with faculty in their area of interest. Many international affairs courses are run seminar style, giving students the maximum opportunity to engage with professors, their peers and course material. Courses develop both writing and public speaking skills.

Our students prepare for graduate and professional programs and for the workplace. Graduates have been placed in many areas that make use of their acquired skills that include, but are not limited to:

  • Government
  • Graduate school
  • International business
  • Missions/ministry
  • Teaching

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For more information, please contact Codirector Ruth Melkonian-Hoover:
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