Centers & Institutes

The many centers and institutes that are housed at Gordon show the dynamic nature of our academic programs and their emphasis on global responsibility and action.

While these organizations do much for those directly involved with them, they are also dedicated to the whole campus through providing world-renowned speakers, all campus events and celebrations, urban renewal and informative trips across the globe.


Association of Christian Economists

A partner organization with Gordon College which encourages Christian scholars to explore and communicate the relationship between their faith and the discipline of economics.

Barrington Center for the Arts
The Barrington Center for the Arts includes a gallery, theatre, art studios, computer lab and cinema room. 

Center for Balance, Mobility & Wellness
An on-campus and open-to-the-public physical therapy clinic with academic ties to the Department of Movement Science.

Center for Evangelicalism & Culture (CECulture)
The Center supports exploration of the varieties of evangelical expression in diverse contexts around the world, with particular focus on the disciplines of theology and the human sciences.

Center for Faith and Inquiry (CFI)
Seeking the mind of Christ in the world of ideas.

Christians in the Visual Arts
A partner organization with the College, which encourages Christian artists in engaging with the culture.

The Herrmann Lectures on Faith and Science
Gordon College is partnering with the John Templeton Foundation to honor the pioneering work of Dr. Robert Herrmann who addressed the “Big Questions” constellated around the theme of science and religion.

La Vida Center for Outdoor Education and Leadership
These unique programs provide experiential learning environments that foster character and leadership development to prepare you for life.

Studio for Art, Faith and History
The Studio for Art, Faith, & History operates in conjunction with the Gordon IN Orvieto semester program, and sponsors new work in the visual and performing arts, as well as hosting conferences, exhibitions and workshops, often in partnership with other civic, cultural, educational, and faith-based organizations.