Elementary Major

Do you see yourself teaching students in grades 3–6? While the Elementary license includes grade 1–6, there is more content to learn. An elementary teacher needs a thorough background in the foundation of learning as well as expanded content area knowledge.

You may choose to add a concentration is Special Education and earn a second license during your undergraduate studies.
You may choose to add a concentration in teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) and earn another license, as an undergraduate student.
You may wonder if you can earn three licenses at the same time. Keep in mind that each license adds more coursework. Entering Gordon with AP credit, community college credit, or validating up to two semesters of foreign language frees space for taking other courses toward earning a concentration. You may also choose to take courses during Summer Term or off campus near your home in the summer. Online courses are an option too. There are plenty of choices available to you!
Choosing between Early Childhood and Elementary
There is a principle that may help you decide. Here’s the principle: It is easier to “go up” than it is to “go down” when adding another license. If you earn an Early Childhood license, it is easier to add an Elementary license than it is to add an Early Childhood license to an Elementary license.
Master’s Degree
Upon successful completion of an appropriate Liberal Arts major and Education major, you will graduate with a teaching license. You have the option of earning more than one license. If and when you choose to earn a Master’s Degree you can study in a new area. The Gordon Graduate Program offers degrees to become a reading specialist, math specialist, or principal.