Early Childhood Major

Do you picture yourself teaching young children to read and helping them discover mathematical concepts? Consider majoring in Early Childhood. A license in Early Childhood: Teaching Children With and Without Moderate Disabilities includes preschool through grade two in Massachusetts. Special Education is embedded in this license.

Early Childhood majors choose an acceptable second major in the Liberal Arts in order to be a “highly qualified” teacher. The Education Department preselects Gordon Core courses so that each course meets the Core requirement for both Education and the other major. That is how you are able to complete two majors in your undergraduate studies.
You may choose to add a concentration in teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) and earn a second license, all as an undergraduate student.

Master’s Degree

Upon successful completion of an appropriate Liberal Arts major and Education major, you will graduate with a teaching license. You have the option of earning more than one license. If and when you choose to earn a Master’s Degree you can study in a new area. The Gordon Graduate Program offers degrees to become a reading specialist, math specialist, or principal.