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President's Vision Fund

The President’s Vision Fund supports the key elements of the President’s new initiatives on behalf of the College, as defined by the President, including but not limited to: taking care of our people—finding ways to improve compensation and benefits for Gordon’s employees; catalyzing academic innovation—to support faculty development and the growth of signature programs; deepening the spiritual life of the College through spiritual formation and discipleship; engaging Gordon’s alumni more deeply in the life of the College; and welcoming the next chapter of Gordon—President Hammond’s inauguration and the leadership development. The scope and purpose of the Fund is broad to allow the President to strategically deploy resources to greatest effect for the College as we begin this next chapter.

Gifts to the President’s Vision fund will support these key areas:

  • Taking care of our people.
  • Catalyzing academic innovation.
  • Engaging our alumni more effectively.
  • Deepening spiritual formation and discipleship for our campus.
  • Welcoming the next chapter of Gordon: Inauguration and President's leadership development.