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Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate research is at the heart of the academic life at Gordon—and these resources can help you get started.

Gordon's undergraduate research is spearheaded primarily by the Undergraduate Research Council (URC), a student-led organization committed to helping students from all majors and interests pursue research in their field.


At our core, we believe that research is a vital component of student academics. Here at Gordon, the URC is a council of undergraduate students seeking to foster the academic achievement of the student body through encouraging curiosity, creating connections to professional research opportunities and providing a platform for students to contribute to both their field and to Gordon College. We enable students by assisting them in:

Presenting research at scholarly conferences.

Attending conferences for their own intellectual benefit.

Conferences allow students to appreciate the fruits of their labor and enable them to contribute to and learn from the cutting-edge conversations in their disciplines. Students can apply for grants from the URC to cover any conference-related costs.


The URC encourages students to do research because it provides:

  • Opportunities for learning beyond the classroom
  • Hands-on experience with Gordon faculty
  • Critical thinking within one' major
  • Vital career skills

Research is for students in any major, from discovering the environmental impacts of medical waste to the implications of Shakespeare’s plays on modern society. In view of Gordon’s mission to live life holistically, we at the URC believe expressing curiosity in God’s creation is one a way to glorify and enjoy Him. Be inquisitive, be critical, and be adventurous. The URC, is here to help.

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