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Theatre Arts

Join a community of servant-leaders using the stage to bring truth and light to the world. Through study, practice, and engagement with the artistic process, theatre arts students at Gordon College learn every facet of production—costume and set design, sound and lighting, directing, stage management, running crew and acting. The breadth of your experience will equip you to collaborate, innovate and succeed in whatever professional endeavor you pursue.


Why study theatre arts at Gordon?

At Gordon, finding your light is more than a stage direction: It’s a journey you take to discern how your passion coincides with the world’s needs—and to create your career at that intersection. Alongside faculty mentors and fellow students, you will explore the depth and power of theatre. Working in our unique black box theatre designed by world-renowned architect Iain Mackintosh, you will grow into a dynamic communicator and artist.

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What careers can I pursue with a theatre major?

As a theatre arts student, you’ll gain essential experience preparing you for work in commercial or nonprofit settings. You’ll also know how to remain calm in incredibly stressful situations, take risks and accept criticism—all of which are valuable assets in any career, including:

  • Stage management
  • Performance
  • Production management
  • Set, costume and lighting design
  • Lighting hang and focus
  • Teaching
  • Playwriting
  • Drama therapy
  • Entrepreneurship 

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Global Opportunities: Studies in the British Stage

Over the summer, students have the chance to travel with Professors Jones and Stevick to see the world's best plays and musicals and learn how these productions are made, from page to stage. In this two-week, 2-credit trip to England under the College's International Seminar program, students attend at least two dozen plays, enjoy backstage visits with producers, directors, playwrights and actors, and engage in vigorous discussion. Based in London, the program takes excursions to other theatre venues as Stratford, York, Edinburgh and Dublin.

London Bridge

Experiential learning in theatre

In addition to three annual shows, theatre students take advantage of a wide range of opportunities.

  • Theatre Hour: A monthly gathering featuring professionals who are Gordon alumni
  • The Sweaty-Toothed Madmen: An improvisational comedy troupe that performs regularly
  • REACH: An outreach drama team that addresses issues impacting middle and high school students
  • Exit 17 Live: Gordon’s very own late-night show
  • Gordon Globes: Our annual student film festival 

For intensive hands-on experience, consider proposing a semester-long project in our innovative apprenticeship program. If your proposal is accepted, you'll focus on a particular aspect of theatre production for the bulk of one term—and so you can stay on track with your coursework despite that term's lighter academic load, you’ll receive free tuition for summer courses.

Off campus, students complete internships in church, school and community theatre programs—and at commercial and nonprofit theatre venues including:


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For more information, contact:

Norman Jones
Professor of Theatre Arts

P 978 867 4274

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