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CFI Presents: Symposium 2024: “The One and The Many”

What is Symposium?

Every spring, Gordon College devotes one Thursday, all day long (with NO classes) to hear what YOU, the student body, has to say. This is your opportunity to put on an event with your student club, lead a discussion, create a work of art, present your senior thesis, or mount a play. This is a day meant for the student body to reverse the direction of the classroom and share what you have to say!

When is CFI Symposium?

This year the CFI Symposium will be held on Thursday, April 18th!

How do I get involved?

Get together your student organization, club, classmates, and friends, or go solo and put together a 40-50 minute event that will get advertised on campus and be open to all. Apply by March 31st here and you will hear back soon. We especially welcome out-of-the-box thinking to connect your ideas with the overarching theme.

This Years Theme