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Sociology Minor

The sociology minor explores the cultural, structural and institutional forces of social change and globalization that help us understand societies and human behavior. Topics are pivotal for learning how to live in today’s world and include: diversity in the U.S., structural social inequality and poverty throughout the world, competing ideologies of inequality, and culturally informed femininity and masculinity.

Why study sociology at Gordon?

Students consider how people are more than the sum total of their individualistic and voluntaristic dispositions but instead are shaped by social forces that have history and continuity but are also dynamically shaped and changing. The minor will prepare students for graduate studies in sociology and allied fields such as education, law, health policy, media, religion, cultural studies and globalization. 

What careers can I pursue with a sociology minor?

Sociology teaches you to think critically about the world around you—a skill that translates into any field. You’ll be prepared for graduate school, and for careers such as:

  • Community development worker
  • Public affairs specialist
  • Government agent

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Career statistics from Sociology, Social Welfare, and Psychology graduates:

Psych-soc-sw alumni stats Psych-soc-sw alumni statsInformation gathered through EMSI Data, which pulls mid-career earning information from multiple sources including Bureau of Labor Statistics, US Census Bureau, Online job postings, individuals’ online profiles, etc.


Alice Anderson

Alice Anderson ’12

J.D. Candidate, Pepperdine University School of Law

“Studying at Gordon opened my eyes to the inequality and injustice that riddle the institutions of our country and our world, while making me more sensitive to the way that my behavior affects the world around me. Initially crippled in the face of my privilege, [I was] equipped to build on my strengths in order to lead a life of strategic service—be it in a courtroom, with a company or as a friend. I left Gordon with an understanding that although the world is a diverse and complicated place, the love of Jesus can and will truly heal the nations.”
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Sociology majors often participate in the Jerusalem and Athens Forum (a great books honors program), and help out with student publications that explore students' personal experience within college culture. The North Shore is full of great places to volunteer and get hands-on experience—and summers offer opportunities to complete research with your professors.

Global Opportunities

A global education experience exercises the sociological imagination. Programs in Latin America, Western Europe and beyond can expand your understanding of the diversity of human cultures.


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Department Chair

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