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Sexual Misconduct Policy

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Sexual Misconduct Policy (PDF)

As a Christian community of higher education, Gordon College is committed to providing a liberal arts education in an environment shaped by the ideals and standards consistent with a Christian worldview. Inherent in a Christian worldview are the biblical injunctions to live to the glory of God and to recognize the Lordship of Christ in every activity.

Human beings, being created in God’s image, are endowed by God with dignity and worth. Those are foundational values at Gordon for developing and maintaining a learning and working environment characterized by integrity, mutual respect, and accountability. All members of the Gordon community have a responsibility to foster a respectful, supportive, and safe campus environment.

Given such a foundation of human dignity and worth, Gordon College approaches issues of sex discrimination, including sexual misconduct such as sexual harassment and sexual assault, stalking and intimate partner violence, not just as behaviors prohibited by applicable state and federal law, but as conduct that is antithetical to the scriptural values this community espouses. Sexual misconduct is harmful not only to the individuals involved, but undermines the entire community. As such, Gordon College prohibits sex discrimination including all forms of sexual misconduct as defined in this policy. Such forms of prohibited conduct under this policy are regarded as serious offenses and a violation of trust and integrity. Such violations will result in discipline, including expulsion or termination of employment. State and federal laws also address conduct that may meet Gordon College’s definition of prohibited conduct, and criminal prosecution may take place independently of any disciplinary action instituted by Gordon College.