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Academic Scholarship Renewal Policy

Full-time students will receive their merit scholarships for two academic years (four semesters) before the cumulative GPA will be reviewed. GPA calculations for merit purposes only will drop the semester with the lowest GPA, and use the resulting figure for determining eligibility. Merit GPA is calculated again at the end of each subsequent year. If you are not meeting the required GPA at these times, you may be at risk of having your scholarship reduced or losing it completely. It is recommended that you contact your SFS counselor at that time for additional information. Please note that merit scholarships do not increase; they are based on the student’s original agreement when accepted to Gordon.

Scholarship Previous Name GPA Requirement
Founder's A. J. Gordon 3.25
Harold John Ockenga
President's 3.25
T. Leonard Lewis Provost's 3.15
Isabel Warwick Wood Dean's 3.00