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Enthralled by elegant equations? You might make a great math major at Gordon College. You can use your knack for numbers to solve real-world problems, like how to manage the logistics of disaster response or how to design a voting system to truly capture the will of the people. Or maybe you want to become a math teacher. There are many options for you with a math major, and wherever you choose to use mathematics, you will embark with strong logical and analytical skills, precise reasoning and the ability to solve complex problems—all valuable assets in any vocation.

What makes Gordon a great college for math majors?

As a math major at Gordon College, you can explore God's creation in its mathematical expression under talented, experienced faculty whose expertise spans the spectrum from industrial applications to the frontiers of pure mathematics. In our college math program, you will gain an unmatched depth and breadth, including opportunities for collaborative research in statistics, operations research, and computational and pure mathematics. Our faculty are committed not only to teaching mathematics but also to helping you understand how it can inform life and faith.

What can you do with a math major?

Gordon faculty serve as mentors in guiding you through determining your call as a mathematics major. You may choose to use your training to pursue graduate education at top schools or excel in careers in business, science, technology, health, education and more. Here are some common jobs for math majors:

  • Financial analyst
  • Computer and cybersecurity
  • Teacher
  • Actuary
  • Statistician/data scientist
  • Operations research analyst
  • Government laboratories
  • Web or software development

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Experiential learning in math

Math majors present their work at conferences around the country including in San Diego, Boston, and Charlotte, North Carolina. Closer to home, you’ll be part of a close-knit group that gathers regularly for events and interacts with alumni. Many students also choose to participate in other opportunities:

Global Opportunities

Join a longstanding tradition of excellence through the Budapest Semester in Mathematics.


Association for Computing Machinery
International Conference on Computing and Mission
TECHMISSION: Using Technology within God's Kingdom

Interested in our college math program?

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Professor of Mathematics

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