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Music Major or Minor Auditions

  • step 1

    Apply for admission to the Department of Music as a music major or minor

    Schedule your audition
    We are offering two Zoom audition dates in the Fall: November 11 and December 4

    More audition dates for the Winter/Spring will soon be posted once we know more about how COVID-19 will impact our operations and the state of Massachusetts.

    Important! Before applying for any music audition, you must be accepted to Gordon College. Gordon College admissions application ➔

    About your Audition
    For the audition, students are asked to prepare two classical selections which best demonstrate current performance level on their primary instrument. These selections should be contrasting in style and/or period. For recommendations on appropriate audition repertoire, please consult this repertoire list or contact the

    At the time of the audition, the audition committee will also conduct informal interviews with all prospective music students, and all students will be given an aptitude test (listening to short melodies and discerning differences in melody/tempi—multiple choice format).

  • step 2Submit a Recorded Audition

    First apply for admission to the Department of Music as a music major or minor (see step 1), then submit your recorded audition.

    Live auditions are strongly recommended for all applicants. However, in cases where distance prohibits a visit to the campus (students who live more than 200 miles from campus), recorded auditions are acceptable. Recorded auditions are also accepted from students who are unable to attend any of the live audition dates.

    DVDs, CDs, VHS tapes and other forms of media will not be reviewed. Video recordings must be digitally submitted using the GETACCEPTD platform.

    For further instructions, follow the procedure outlined in the document below called "Recorded Audition Procedures."


    If you have any questions, please contact the

  • step 3

    Music Reference Form: For Music Reference Provider ONLY!

    Welcome to our online MUSIC REFERENCE portal.

    Your student has submitted an application to the Gordon Department of Music. A Music Admission Decision for your student cannot be made until your reference has been received. Therefore we kindly ask you to complete the online Music Reference by clicking ONLINE MUSIC REFERENCE below.

    (for Music Reference Providers ONLY)


  • step 4

    Music Audition Application: For enrolled Gordon Students ONLY!

    Schedule your audition
    Complete the online application and schedule an audition by clicking APPLY ONLINE below.

    (for enrolled Gordon Students ONLY)


If you have any questions, please contact the .