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Music Major or Minor Auditions

  • step 1Apply for admission to the Department of Music as a music major or minor

    Schedule your audition

    Live and Zoom auditions are strongly recommended for all applicants. Zoom audition dates are available for international students or by petition. Recorded auditions are only accepted by students who are unable to attend any of the live or Zoom audition dates.

    Fill out the online application and choose your preferred audition date.

    Important! Before applying for any music audition, you must be accepted to Gordon College. Gordon College admissions application →

    Available Music Audition Dates

    We still accept recorded audition applications: Deadline May 31

    About Your Audition

    For the audition, students are asked to prepare two classical selections that best demonstrate current performance level on their primary instrument. These selections should be contrasting in style and/or period. For recommendations on appropriate audition repertoire, please consult this repertoire list or contact the

    At the time of the audition, the audition committee will also conduct informal interviews with all prospective music students.

  • step 2Submit a Recorded Video Audition

    Important! Before submitting any recorded music audition, you must be accepted to Gordon College. Gordon College admissions application →

    Live auditions are strongly recommended for all applicants. Zoom auditions are an excellent option for international applicants or by petition. However, in cases where distance, time differences or technical challenges complicate Live or Zoom auditions, or in extenuating circumstances, recorded video auditions are acceptable.

    DVDs, CDs, YouTube links and other forms of media will not be reviewed. Video recordings must be digitally submitted using the GET ACCEPTED platform.

    For further instructions follow the procedure outlined in the document below called "Recorded Audition Procedures."


    Students must apply to the Department of Music by May 31, 2023, to be eligible for a stackable music major or music minor scholarship. 


    If you have any questions, please contact the

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