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Move it! From communication between the brain and spinal cord to oxygen delivery from the heart and lungs, to the muscular forces that propel your body into motion, the function of human movement is fascinatingly complex. Get ready to roll up your sleeves and engage in hands-on learning with real patients as you investigate how movement is impacted by disease, age, injury and other factors. The kinesiology major provides exceptional preparation for graduate school in medicine and allied health fields.

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Why study kinesiology at Gordon?

Our state-of-the-art anatomy and physiology lab offers you the distinct advantage of gaining hands-on experience with studying human cadavers as an undergraduate student. You will also engage in experiential learning—including EKG treadmill testing and Vicon Nexus motion capture—in our kinesiology lab, and have opportunities for real-life experience through service-learning projects and internships at our on-site Center for Balance, Mobility and Wellness; Bennett Athletic Center; and Harmeling Physical Therapy.

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What careers can I pursue with a kinesiology major?

Gordon’s strong clinical emphasis will provide the foundational knowledge essential for many health professions. The vast majority of kinesiology students pursue graduate studies at top-rated schools, in preparation for careers in medicine and allied health, such as:

  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physician assistant
  • Medicine
  • Nursing
  • Athletic training
  • Clinical exercise physiology
  • Corporate fitness
  • Exercise science

Many students get certified in Athletic Training, Nursing Assistant, and Emergency Medicine while in the Kinesiology program.  Find out more on our Certifications page.

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Career Statistics from Kinesiology, Biochemistry, Biology, and Physics graduates:

Bio-chem-kin-phys-rsw alumni stats Bio-chem-kin-phys-rsw alumni statsInformation gathered through EMSI Data, which pulls mid-career earning information from multiple sources including Bureau of Labor Statistics, US Census Bureau, Online job postings, individuals’ online profiles, etc.


As a kinesiology student, observation and contact hours will play a critical role in your preparation for graduate school. From community wellness programs for Parkinson’s disease to assistance for individuals with traumatic brain injuries or kids with developmental disabilities, Gordon students find ways to serve the community while gaining the experience they need to excel:


For more information, contact:

Sean Clark
Professor of Kinesiology

P 978 867 4844

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