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Innovation & Social Enterprise Minor

Most people seek employment, but some create it. Most people seek employment, but some create it. Do you get excited about initiating change? Are you willing to dream big, even if it means risking failure? It’s a good minor for business majors, but you can add a minor in Innovation and Social Enterprise to any major, and start developing the tools you’ll need to make a lasting impact. You will learn to translate personal convictions and ideas into tangible actions and plans—a desirable competency in virtually every field.

Why study Innovation and Social Enterprise at Gordon?

At Gordon College, we recognize that entrepreneurship is too big a concept to restrict to a single major or discipline—it’s a catalyst for connecting all fields to real-world impact. Whether you’re planting a church, launching a high-tech venture or expanding a nonprofit, you need the practical, creative, grassroots solutions associated with entrepreneurial thinking. Studying entrepreneurship in a Christian liberal arts college community helps you connect concepts to calling. Plus, the required internship component guarantees you’ll have real-life experience to prepare you to make a real-life impact.

What careers can I pursue with an innovation and social enterprise minor?

As an entrepreneurial thinker, you may be the instigating force behind new ideas or growing organizations. Your career path is flexible and dependent on your personal convictions and goals, but you’ll be equipped to chart your own course. Preferred career paths for graduates:

  • Business or nonprofit founder
  • Entrepreneur
  • Product inventor or service creator
  • Church planter
  • Small business or family business manager
  • Consultant
  • Social entrepreneur or activist
  • Technology start-up
  • Engaging markets and poverty alleviation

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Experiential learning in innovation and social enterprise

Gordon fosters a rich entrepreneurial culture, so there’s no shortage of ways to plug into initiatives and immerse yourself in settings that will enhance your learning outside the classroom. (Or perhaps you’ll start some new initiative to add to this list?)

  • Entrepreneurial Mentorship: over 60 organizational leaders mentor budding entrepreneurs
  • Open Coffee: local entrepreneurs engage students in weekly conversations at Gusto Café in Beverly
  • Forrester Venture Fellows: an entrepreneurship cohort program for first-year students
  • Strategic Partnership with Praxis Labs: workshops and an immersive entrepreneurship experience that draws 100+ students from more than 30 universities each summer
  • Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership: equipping students to initiate new and noble ventures

Learn how your ideas can have a global impact through an internship, seminar or semester abroad.

  • Global Internship: EMC Corporation, Brazil


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Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership

P 978 867 4004 

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