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Gordon helps homeschoolers utilize the strengths of their unique educational background to stretch their minds, deepen their faith and envision ways that they might elevate their contribution to society—before they even enter college, and well into their careers. The rigorous academic programs and supportive community environment allow homeschoolers to continue building personalized plans for their scholarship and leadership development while engaging on and beyond campus in meaningful ways. 

Before Gordon

Dual Enrollment

High school students can begin their college careers while still in high school, and at a very affordable price, through the dual enrollment program. Students will have the opportunity to participate in college-level courses that illustrate how faith and knowledge are complementary, not contradictory, while engaging with Gordon College students and faculty. Courses are offered online during the fall and spring semesters. Dual enrollment ➔

Summer Term

Summer Term courses at Gordon College provides academic experiences across a range of academic interests and pursuits, with many courses being offered both on-campus and online. Courses are open to qualified high school students, current college students, professionals seeking broader educational preparation and residents of the Greater North Shore Community. Summer Ter


Cultivate Your Classical Roots is a week-long summer honors program for high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors that offers a taste of college life in a faith-revitalizing Christian community. On Gordon College’s campus, students will cultivate a love for beauty, reflection, and hospitality while deepening relationships with their cohort and Creator. Highlights of the week include faculty workshops on the creative arts (e.g., poetry, theater, architecture, and printmaking), gardening at Cider Hill Farm, and excursions into Boston and the North Shore of Massachusetts Heritage ➔

Adirondack Leadership Program

Run by Gordon's La Vida Center for Outdoor Education and Leadership (one of the first of its kind in the country), this 10-day program challenges high school students to nurture their leadership potential and character development through adventure and experiential outdoor learning. Adirondack Leadership Program ➔

Athletics Summer Camps

Students of all ages have opportunities to grow their athletic skills in 12 different sports through summer camps run by Gordon Athletics (named one of the "50 Best Christian College and University Athletic Programs" in the country). Fighting Scots coaches and varsity players create a fun and safe environment for learning and positive competition. Athletic Summer Camps ➔

At Gordon


A deeply personal student-to-faculty ratio


Distinguished honors opportunities


Percentage of 2019 first-year students who were homeschooled



Of incoming students, average SAT score is 1178 and ACT is 25.



Ranked one of the "Safest College Campuses in America" (Niche)

graduation cap


Gordon awards $30 million in financial aid annually.

Global Honors Scholars Program

As Gordon's flagship four-year scholarship program, The Global Honors Scholars Program is designed to foster creativity, community, cultural exploration and leadership. Global Honors Scholars will form a tightly knit cohort that will learn and travel together through their four years at Gordon College. Through honors seminars, retreats, international travel, cultural and multicultural experiences, and faculty mentors students will be prepared intellectually and spiritually for Christ-honoring leadership in a global context. Global Honors Scholars Program ➔

Kenneth L. Pike Honors Program

The Kenneth L. Pike Honors Program invites exceptional students with a cumulative GPA of 3.50 or higher to design a unique academic program that creatively complements or extends Gordon College majors or minors in pursuit of their learning goal. Under the guidance of advisors, scholars design a creative, rigorous program with a depth and breadth that would not ordinarily be available to them at Gordon. Pike Honors Program ➔

Jerusalem & Athens Forum

The Jerusalem and Athens Forum is great books honors program that strives to help students reflect on the relationship between faith and intellect, deepen their own sense of vocation, and awaken their capacities for intellectual and moral leadership. Over the course of two semesters, students will read and discuss classic texts, participate in cultural excursions, and participate in the JAF annual debate. JAF ➔

Gordon Presidential Fellows Program

The Gordon Presidential Fellows Program offers exceptionally talented students the opportunity to develop their leadership potential through unique exposure to senior leaders, substantive work assignments, and horizon-broadening educational opportunities. Modeled on the highly competitive, highly effective White House Fellowship, the Presidential Fellows Program affords Gordon students the chance to work directly with one of the College’s Cabinet officers, who mentors the student through a yearlong fellowship. The Program aims to catalyze the leadership potential of a select group of students, equipping them to assume positions of major responsibility within ten to fifteen years of graduation. Presidential Fellows ➔

Music Ensembles

Music ensembles at Gordon represent both the academic excellence and Christian commitment of the student body. The Department of Music believes that student musicians, as stewards of a powerful gift from God, are called to share His message of hope and redemption by performing to the best of their ability. Members of Gordon's instrumental and choral ensembles display a respect for the music they play, a passion for hard work and a love for their Creator. Renewable scholarships that range from $1,000-$3,000/year are available for ensemble participation. Music Ensembles ➔

Gordon Plus

Gordon Plus allows Junior or Senior Gordon students to expand, accelerate, and jump-start their graduate degrees in education or financial analysis, alongside their undergraduate courses. Students have the option to extend their stay at Gordon and could complete an undergraduate and graduate degree within five years—saving a total of up to $9,600 and allowing them to enjoy their full college experience. Gordon Plus ➔

Hear from a student

Emmy Short

Emmy Short '20

Art major, music minor

"As a homeschooler, I thrived through an educational approach that was flexible, geared towards my interests, and went beyond school books in a classroom. At Gordon, I have been able to continue this personalized approach to learning through participating in honors groups, ensembles, on-campus jobs, internships, and a study-abroad program—all in the context of a supportive and encouraging community. "


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