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Pike Honors

Uniquely crafted cross-disciplinary scholarship, research, and application in a recognized area of study

The Kenneth L. Pike Honors Program invites exceptional students with a cumulative GPA of 3.50 or higher to design a unique academic program that creatively complements or extends Gordon College majors or minors in pursuit of their learning goal.

Pike Scholars can take advantage of diverse opportunities at Gordon, internationally or at other institutions in this country to enrich existing majors in unique ways. Scholars design a creative, rigorous program with a depth and breadth that would not ordinarily be available to them at Gordon.

Student Spotlight

Ashlie Busone

Ashlie had always wanted to teach English as a Second Language, but to delve deeper into her studies, she wanted to find out how education influences the economy, politics, and ultimately, social change. She created a major that brought her to Chile for a research project on the indigenous Mapuche people, earned her ESL license, completed the Spanish major coursework as well as 80 credits worth of sociology and economics coursework.

"Developing my own curriculum has been an incredible journey that’s both challenging and rewarding. I know that the depth at which I’ve studied educational systems and societal structures exceeds what an undergraduate title in education would have allowed and I am eager to continue on in my studies both as a teacher and graduate student."

Ashlie Busone
Community Development and Education

Examples of past programs

  • African, Middle East, Contemporary Europe or other regional studies 
  • Classical Studies; Ancient History and Languages
  • Community Development (Urban or International)  
  • English with concentrations in Creative Writing, Literary Criticism, or Photojournalism 
  • Environmental Studies; Sustainable Development  
  • Fine Arts Management or Art History with Museum Studies Concentration 
  • History with an Archeology concentration 
  • Psychology or Biology with a Medical Ethics, Neuropsychology or Genetic Counseling concentration 
  • Public Health and Nutrition 
  • Theology


  • Personal "ideas coach" to help organize your imagination and planning
  • Delve deeper into your own areas of studies
  • Craft a major or minor in a field that is not offered at Gordon
  • Add to a traditional major or minor offered at Gordon by utilizing alternating courses both at Gordon and other institutions as well as study abroad opportunities



Interested in learning more? Make sure you explore the full Program Details page, and don’t hesitate to to the Pike Program Director, Dr. Jeffrey Stevenson with questions!

p: 978.867.4293
e: [email protected]


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