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Performance brings life to the music traditions studied in the classroom. The Department of Music ensembles give the whole campus a chance to experience the art of music performance and draw many to A. J. Gordon Memorial Chapel and Phillips Recital Hall for many concerts throughout the year.


Chamber Music
College Choir
Jazz Ensemble
Mens Choir
Symphonic Band
Symphony Orchestra

Womens Choir

A Campus-Wide Experience
Nearly 400 students out of the 1,600-member student body participate in extra-curricular music activities, including ensembles and private lessons. Ensembles are open to all students regardless of major. Auditions take place at the start of each school year and academic credit is available to all participants.

In addition to on-campus performances, many of the ensembles perform in the local community. Several ensembles tour domestically each year.

Music ensembles at Gordon represent both the academic excellence and Christian commitment of the student body. The Department of Music believes that student musicians, as stewards of a powerful gift from God, are called to share His message of hope and redemption by performing to the best of their ability. Members of Gordon's instrumental and choral ensembles display a respect for the music they play, a passion for hard work and a love for their Creator.


Ensemble auditions for new students (freshmen, transfers, and current students new to Gordon music) will be held on Tuesday, August 22. 

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