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Cultivate your Classical Roots

Heritage 2020 (July 19–24) has been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Stay tuned for more details about next summer's program!

Summer 2020 Dates: July 19–24, 2020

Heritage is a pilot summer enrichment program designed to equip classically-trained students with the tools and zeal to engage with their own education. Through workshops led by Gordon College faculty and cultural outings within the Greater Boston area, students will grow as creative thinkers and active participants in the world. The purpose of Heritage is to develop the character and intellect of young people so that they may become leaders in their schools, churches and communities.

What will we cultivate?

The art of living virtuously must be learned. It goes far beyond memorizing facts and vocational training. A good education seeks to cultivate the whole person, in training both the moral and intellectual virtues.

All creation magnifies its Creator. Because of this, every Christian ought to pursue creative engagement in the world. This includes the integration of doctrine and discovery, intellect and imagination, communication and creativity.

It is increasingly more difficult to discern truth in a world of political propaganda and technological distractions. How will we train ourselves to read deeply, think clearly and speak persuasively?

We have been grafted into a larger story. We have received an intellectual and spiritual inheritance from the generations before us. How will stewarding this heritage fashion us into leading contributors in the arts and sciences?

Program Details

We're excited to invite you to campus for this enriching week together. Learn more ➔


Open to any rising sophomore, junior or senior enrolling in a classically-modeled environment for the 2020-2021 school year.    


A week-long summer enrichment program designed to help students recover the lost tools of learning, that they might become stewards of their own education.


Most of the week will be spent on Gordon College’s beautiful campus located on the North Shore and will include occasional cultural excursions into the city of Boston.


July 19–24, 2020. Students will move into a suite-style dormitory on Sunday night and will depart Friday afternoon.

Contact Information: 

Please contact us with any questions at .