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Global Honors Scholars trip to London

Global Honors Scholars

Preparing Thoughtful Christian Leaders for Life-long Global Learning and Engagement

The Global Honors Scholars program prepares you to engage and participate in the global context as a creative, thoughtful Christian leader through academic and experiential learning within a cohort. The program cultivates a life-orienting commitment to global engagement, Christian maturity, and creative contribution to God’s kingdom in your life and vocation.

Over the course of your four years at Gordon, you will attend the Global Honors retreat, take honors courses and discussion-based seminars, participate in an international experience and internship, engage in additional cohort and Gordon Honors programming, and complete a capstone project.

Student Spotlight

Abigail Dundore

With the Global Honors Program, I knew that I would get the faith and academic integration, and that was a big thing for me, to see that the Christian faith actually mattered in the classroom. I had taken a gap year after high school doing ministry, and I wrestled with the question of why should I pursue higher education when I was already making a difference in ministry? I learned in my Global Honors Classes that if I hadn’t come here and I didn’t know the things that I’ve learned, I would be less equipped to do ministry. That was personally formative, so I now feel more ready to engage with the world. Now I know that my education is purposeful, and a lot of that came from the honors program.
Abigail Dundore ‘24
Psychology Major, Biblical Studies Minor | Global Honors Program

Your Four-Year Experience

YEAR 1: Prepare – learn about global engagement, cultural intelligence, and the global church *International Travel Experience
YEAR 2: Pursue – consider vocational calling, leadership development, and kingdom ethics *International Internship
YEAR 3: Practice – employ locally principles learned globally
YEAR 4:  Present – complete a senior capstone project*

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  • International travel
  • Small cohort
  • Annual retreats
  • Intercultural engagement
  • Personal formation


  • Be a high school senior
  • Minimum GPA of 3.9
  • Demonstrate a desire to faithfully, creatively, and thoughtfully address significant global issues
  • Demonstrate an attitude of reciprocity (listening and learning to global voices and communities) and action


Interested in learning more? Make sure you explore the full Program Details page, and don’t hesitate to  with questions!