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Gordon Plus

Gordon Plus allows you to begin graduate work ahead of your peers—meaning a faster launch into your career and ample savings along the way. Here’s an opportunity to earn an accelerated degree, expand your education, and jump-start your career. It’s your move.

Thinking about what to do after graduation?

You can explore new topics by taking graduate-level classes and start pursuing potential careers by working toward a graduate credential. 

"Gordon Plus provided me an excellent opportunity to enrich my education with a headstart on graduate coursework. Furthermore, I felt this was an advantageous glimpse into what a postgraduate education may look like, at no extra cost."
—Jared Avery, ’21 Business Administration and Finance

Extra room in your academic schedule?

Get the most out of what you are already paying for as an undergraduate student by taking up to four graduate classes that can help set you apart from your peers. 

"Gordon Plus allowed me to use my credits to graduate early and continue working on my master's degree. In addition to becoming familiar with graduate-level material at an earlier stage in my education, I have saved time and money."
—Natalie Goodwin, 22 Financial Analysis

Need a master's degree for your future career path?

With Gordon Plus, you can save time and money—and enter your career faster—by starting your graduate degree as an undergrad. 

"Gordon Plus’s financial analysis program has not only been an opportunity for me to gain practical financial knowledge but also enhanced my competitiveness in the job market. The really amazing Faculty provide lectures full of real life examples that have improved my critical thinking and analysis capabilities."
—Joan Ndekezi, ’23 Economics and Math