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Gordon offers grants, which are given solely based on need. The benefit of both scholarships and grants is that this is free money—money that helps defer costs for you and money that you never have to pay back.

Gordon Grant

Awarded to those who show financial need after other sources of aid (such as federal, state and private grants, or scholarships, trust funds and gifts) have been applied.

Pell Grant

A federal grant awarded to students who demonstrate the highest level of financial need. Awards range from $400–$6,345 per year.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant

A college-administered federal grant determined by the Student Financial Services Office on the basis of exceptional financial need. This grant is generally awarded to Pell Grant recipients.

State Grants

If you live in the following states—Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont—check with your state agency to see if you qualify for state scholarships and grants.

Church-Student Assistant Program

This is an opportunity for the church to assist its Gordon students with college costs—your church gives a financial award and Gordon will match up to $1,000. Complete the form here.

Local and Private Awards

Available from civic groups, churches and local businesses that may have scholarship money.

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