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How to Register:

  1. New to Graduate Education (REQUIRED first step): Complete the Graduate Education New Student Form to create your Gordon graduate student profile prior to registering for your first graduate course. (All first-time graduate students must submit this form, including former Gordon undergraduate students. You only need to submit this form ONCE.) If you are degree-seeking, you may take up to 9 credits without formally applying.
  2. All Students: Complete the Graduate Education Registration Request below. Once your registration has been received and processed, the Graduate Education Office will email you a confirmation along with additional information that will be helpful to you.

Registration, Withdrawal and Refund Policy
Prior to registering, please review Gordon's Registration, Withdrawal and Refund Policy. Please register at least one week before the start of a course. Please contact the with questions or concerns. Thank you for your cooperation. 

Graduate Education Registration Request

Please complete this online form as a request to register for Graduate Education courses. This form will be submitted to the Graduate Education Office. It will be processed as quickly as possible, but may take up to 7 days. Once it has been processed the Graduate Education Office will email you a confirmation that you are officially registered.

1. Term: I am registering for courses in the following session:

Fall (September - December)
Winter (January - March)
Spring (April - mid-June)
Summer (mid-June - August)

2. Last name

3. First name

4. Middle name or initial

5. Maiden name (if applicable)

6. Date of birth (Month, Year – i.e. May, 1973)

7. Primary phone

8. Email

9. Please select all that apply:

This is my first graduate course at Gordon College
I attended Gordon College for a portion or all of my undergraduate degree
I have previously taken graduate courses at Gordon College and am continuing my current licensure and/or degree track
I have previously taken graduate courses at Gordon College and have a change in my licensure and/or degree track (note change in questions 27 and 28)
I have previously taken graduate courses at Gordon College and am returning for a new or additional license/degree (note new/additional license or degree in questions 27 and 28)

10. Course #1 - EDU_ _ _

11. Course #1 - Title (name as listed)

12. Course #1 - Credit Hours

13. Course #1 - Tuition

14. Course #2 - EDU _ _ _

15. Course #2 - Title (name as listed)

16. Course #2 - Credit Hours

17. Course #2 - Tuition

18. Course #3 - EDU_ _ _

19. Course #3 - Title (name as listed)

20. Course #3 - Credit Hours

21. Course #3 - Tuition

22. Course #4 - EDU_ _ _

23. Course #4 - Title (name as listed)

24. Course #4 - Credit Hours

25. Course #4 - Tuition

26. Teaching license held:

No license

27. Degree/licensure sought:

Master's degree (and corresponding licensure)
Ed.S. (Education Specialist)
Licensure only
Non-degree (not taking this course for credit toward a degree)

28. Program of Study (for example: Early Childhood), include license level if Moderate Disabilities or ESL (either PreK-8 or 5-12) and Foreign Language (PreK-6, or 5-12)

29. Upon admittance to any Gordon College graduate course, I agree to comply with the behavior standards of Gordon while on its campus or at any other class site, and respect the underlying assumptions and principles on which they are based.

I agree

30. I have read Gordon College's Registration, Withdrawal, and Refund Policy, and I agree to comply with its stipulations.

I agree

31. If upon completion of courses a balance is due on my account, I will be charged an interest rate of 15% annually (1.25% monthly). If my account is turned over to a collections agency, I understand I will be responsible for all collection and legal costs.

I agree, and by selecting this option I accept all terms.

32. If I should have a credit balance on my student account, I authorize Gordon College to hold that credit until I request a refund.

I agree

33. Comments/Questions:

Graduate Education
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p: 978.867.4322
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