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Registration and Withdrawal Policy

Withdrawal Policy
Withdrawal is official when written notification is submitted to the Graduate Education office. An email may be sent to . Non-attendance does not constitute an official withdrawal; students will be held responsible for all related tuition and fees.

Time of Withdrawal Transcript Grade
0-5 hours No record
6-11 hours W
12 or more hours F

Refund Policy
The following schedules are used to determine the portion of tuition that will be refunded depending upon the date that a student withdraws from a course. College policy does not allow retroactive withdrawals or refunds.


Time of Withdrawal Refund
Prior to 1st class meeting 100% less $75 administrative fee
Prior to 2nd class meeting 90% less $75 administrative fee
Prior to 3rd class meeting 50% less $75 administrative fee
After 3rd class meeting No refund

Non-attendance does not constitute an official withdrawal; students will be held responsible for all related tuition and fees.

  • Administrative fees are non-refundable.
  • Courses offered for credit-only are nonrefundable.
  • Actual refund percentage depends on the official date of formal withdrawal.
  • Students who receive financial aid and withdraw, or reduce credit load, will have an adjustment/reduction in their aid award and may be required to return a portion of the aid to Gordon College.

Requesting a Refund

Students with a credit balance may receive a refund via direct deposit or paper check. To sign up for direct deposit (eRefund), log in to my.gordon.edu and click on the CASHNet link. BOTH eRefunds and paper checks must be requested by email to . Refund requests must include the refund amount, and for paper checks, the payee name and address. If you prefer, you may pick up your check in the Student Financial Services Office.

Enrollment Status
Enrollment status is calculated according to the total credits that a student is registered for within a term. The two terms are:

  • Summer/Fall: July–December
  • Winter/Spring: January–June

Enrollment status within a term is based on the following credit loads:


  Credit Load Status
  1–4 credits Part-time
  4.5–8 credits Half-time
  9 credits or more Full-time

Satisfactory Academic Standing
The Graduate Education Office evaluates student academic progress at the close of each term. Students are evaluated on the basis of cumulative grade point average (GPA) and credit hour completion. The minimum academic standards that must be met in order to be eligible for title IV federal student aid are listed in the chart below:


Number of Semesters
Credits Earned
Cumulative GPA
1 6 2.70
2 12 2.85
3 18 2.90
4 24 2.95
5 30 3.00
6 36 3.00

Appeal Process
Any student who fails to meet the SAP is placed on academic probation. A student may appeal if they have experienced serious extenuating circumstances (i.e. serious injury, illness or death in the family). An appeal letter to request a waiver of the SAP standards for a semester should be submitted to the Graduate Education Office, with supporting documentation required. The Director of Graduate Programs, Registrar and Director of Student Financial Services will make a final determination on the appeal.