Math Specialist

Gordon College offers a non-licensure math specialist degree for educators who desire to work with students who have difficulty learning mathematics, PreK-8. The program develops educators with the skills to assess, differentiate and remediate areas of difficulty in math. Research-based instructional practices are taught to effectively implement mathematical instruction and intervention to students in schools.

The math specialist program is offered for:

Introduction to Math Clinic (Practicum Requirement)
The math specialist concentration is designed specifically for aspiring or current educators who wish to better understand how students learn math in order to help them succeed despite learning challenges. Through hands-on experience at the Gordon College Math Clinic, math specialists learn how to assess and address learning differences in math calculation, math fluency, math problem solving, number sense, math vocabulary, and working memory.

Application for Math Clinic Tutoring

Families interested in being considered for the math clinic should fill out the application. For specific math clinic questions, contact Wendy Jacobson at .