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Gordon College Fund

A gift to The Gordon Fund will be directed to the areas of greatest need at Gordon College. This fund is the College's general unrestricted account, and any gift made to the Gordon Fund is entrusted to us for the most impactful allocation. This could be anything from student scholarship funding, campus maintenance and daily functions, or program investments.

Pie graph of Gordon Fund providing 6% of operating budget

In a typical year at Gordon, nearly 1/3 of the Gordon Fund goes toward the College’s top priority: financial aid. Our core programs and academics are the next regular priorities, followed by student life and facilities maintenance and improvements.

As seen in the graph, 85% of the College’s annual expenses are covered by tuition and associated fees.  Our endowment covers another 9%, and the Gordon Fund fills the remaining 6% gap. 

Your gift to the Gordon Fund ensures that every Gordon student has the best possible Gordon experience. Thank you.