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Graphic Design studio minor

Graphic Design Studio Minor

From the visual on your favorite hoodie to the logo that drew you to your breakfast cereal this morning, graphic design is unique in its fusion of art and visual marketing. The graphic design studio minor at Gordon is designed to provide a solid foundation for the fundamental principles of graphic design. Unpack and explore topics like typography, layout design, color theory and digital illustration and enhance your faith-based art experience. 

Why study graphic design at Gordon?

Art is integral to our calling as followers of Jesus. We were made by our maker to be makers, and making art brings us closer to the heart of God’s creativity. Why is the natural world overflowing with beauty and aesthetic pleasure? The simple answer is that God cares about beauty and aesthetic pleasure. We believe that art-making is a way of following God, and we seek to emulate God’s way of creating with beauty, purpose and functionality. And because we’re rooted in the Christian liberal arts, we also consider art-making to be essential to broader learning in areas like theology, philosophy, psychology, literature and languages. Plus, Gordon’s location on Boston’s picturesque North Shore offers you exposure to nearby galleries, art colonies and museums (including free access to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston). 

Be inspired and get ready to think bigger than you ever thought possible, discovering great joy in the process. You will roll up your sleeves in the studio and prepare to launch into your creative career with a killer portfolio, channeled passion and tools to thrive. 

What careers can I pursue with a graphic design studio minor?

A graphic design studio minor provides students with a well-rounded foundation that can be applied to a wide range of industries, from advertising and marketing to publishing and web design. Career opportunities include:

  • Graphic designer
  • Web designer
  • Art director
  • Marketing specialist
  • Creative director

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Students minoring in graphic design studio are required to take 20 credits from the following: 
Requirements (16 Credits) 

  • ART 101 - Visual Thinking 
  • ART 110 - Design Concepts and Technologies 
  • ART 250 - Design Studio 
  • ART 350 - Typographic Design 

Electives (4 credits) 

  • ART 352 - Motion Graphics Design 
  • ART 358 - Web Design 
  • ART 425 - Art and Design Internship 
  • ART 150 - Art History: Cave Art to Medieval 
  • ART 151 - Art History: Renaissance to Modern 


For more information contact:

Dr. Christine Gardner
Chair, Department of Communication Arts, Theatre and Art 
E [email protected] 
P 978 867 4397

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