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Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Has it always been your dream to be your own boss, create your own company, or make a change by starting something new? This is the mindset of an entrepreneur and innovator—someone who inspires a new way of thinking that leads to a real venture that causes real-world engagement and social impact. Whether you’re planting a church, launching a high-tech venture or expanding a nonprofit, you need the practical, creative, grassroots solutions associated with entrepreneurial thinking—and the entrepreneurship and innovation major will be your launching pad.

Why study entrepreneurship and innovation at Gordon?

In our broken world there’s always a new need or a new problem to be solved. Research suggests that university graduates who have completed an entrepreneurship curriculum are more likely to succeed with a new business venture than students who have not. And as Christians, entrepreneurs have a special opportunity—to use their God-given talents to help solve our world’s problems by starting and sustaining ventures that not only succeed but also create value in people’s lives.
At Gordon we seek to prepare future leaders like you to succeed in whatever venture you wish to start, beginning with a foundation of faith. Our faculty have personal experience in entrepreneurship and will teach you how to sustain innovation, assemble people to help your project, raise financial resources, find physical space and adapt to marketplace realities. Your courses will help you apply design thinking to different issues, think entrepreneurially about the strategic and operational aspects of a business and understand the?implications of Christian principles for vocational practice in this field.??

What careers can I pursue with an entrepreneurship and innovation degree?

Undergraduates with bachelor’s degrees in entrepreneurship and innovation can create ventures right after graduation, but many also work to help existing start-ups or gain more experience with traditional employers first. Either way Gordon will prepare you to compete in the job market upon graduation. Some possible job titles you could hold are:

  • Marketing Director
  • Financial Analyst
  • Management Consultant
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Sales Manager
  • Recruiter

Experiential Learning in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Gordon offers many extracurricular opportunities to apply your studies through our Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership. Every year students compete to win the Ken Olsen Entrepreneur of the Year award for their own venture. Our location on the North Shore of Boston puts us close to some of the nation’s best startups, and many company founders come to Open Coffee to offer wisdom and insight. And some even recruit interns for their companies during their visits!

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