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Departmental Honors

One on One scholastic mentorship within your chosen discipline.

Departmental Honors allow select students to pursue advanced, focused research and scholarship in a student’s primary area of study. Students can also combine a Departmental Honors pursuit with a Kenneth L. Pike Honors Program major or minor when it compliments their interdisciplinary studies.

Many department offers details, guidelines and qualification for Departmental Honors, which are normally planned into a student’s four-year academic plan in thier first and second year, and students usually begin pursuing focused Honors projects starting in their third year. Students should discuss their academic goals with their primary academic advisor, or with an Honors program advisor to plan and develop their Honors goals early on in their academic plans.



  • Apply for supplemental funding from GCSA through the Undergraduate Research Council
  • Travel and present research and papers at professional or scholary conferences
  • Publication of scholarly papers and research in Gordon's Princemere Journal of Undergraduate Research



Reach out to  Dean of Student Success for more information.